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The home of irish music in the southwest...


The home of irish music in the southwest...

the great book of kerry

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volume I

350 pages


they came from the mists of antiquity many centuries before the birth of the Christ child at BETHLEHEM,  sailing across the turbulent seas in search of their promised land.

IN THE stormy waters of the NORTHERN ATLANTIC OCEAN, THEY FOUND a green and misty island which THEY BELIEVED TO BE THEIR “INIS FáIL”, THEIR SACRED ISLAND OF DESTINY; in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

THEY WERE THE MILESIAN WARRIORS, who were the founding fathers of the mighty Celtic kingdom of ERIN as recorded in our ancient annals.

now for the first time, in a lavishly illustrated history, the kerry historian~ Sean quinlan, has recreated, this powerful and epic trilogy  of a lost kingdom.

contained within the pages of leabhar mór chiarraí , the great book of kerry.

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