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The home of irish music in the southwest...


The home of irish music in the southwest...


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The kingdom, the power & the glory

132 pages

soft back annual

kerry, the kingdom, the power & the glory is the ongoing story of Leabhar Mór Chiarraí ~ The great book of kerry trilogy,  which rekindles memories of lofty cathedrals and monasteries, of silent convents and stone chapels on the hilltop.

Here the té deum  of patrick, brendan, erc and a legion of holy people rose in sweet refrain to the canopy of the heavens.  these  venerable ruins continue to tell the ongoing story of a county’s  greatness, of its laughter and its tears, for here the briar is entwined with the rose and desolate though those sacred places may now be, they remind us of our descent and lineage, in an age when man’s conscience was his crown.

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